6th December 2013 @ 8pm, Marfan Information Presentation in The Community Centre, Kilmacow

Guest speakers: Prof J Mark Redmond, Mr Gheta Radu and Dr Darran McLaughlin.

This presentation was very well presented and informative which was very well attended. Kieran McGrath introduced the speakers. He welcomed all present. He thanked the loyal bag packers and the generosity of all who donate so willingly.

The doctors gave an update on the promising and successful research progress. Research has progressed from mice to humans. The results are encouraging and offer great hope to all marfan sufferers. The doctors stressed to all present that all working on this research do so voluntarily. There was a lively question and answer session.

Prof Redmond was presented with a cheque for €30,000 which he gratefully accepted. He was deeply appreciative of the generosity of all who contributed and the dedication of the fundraisers. The evening finished with a welcome cuppa and chat.

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