Ridley’s Great Baddow Charity Races May 2015

Sr Philomena Purcell participated again this year on behalf of marfan research. This is Philomena’s Eleventh year raising €1,792 this year bringing her total to €16,125.

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17th to 23rd December 2014 Christmas Bag Pack @ Caulfields Super Value, Morgan St, Waterford

The reliable team of bag packers splendid work was again evident this year raising €7,771 for Marfan Research. We really appreciate Super Value facilitating us to raise this enormous amount, also the generosity of our loyal bag packers who give their time so willingly at the busiest time of year. The generosity of Super Value’s customers never fails to amaze us. A huge thanks to all on behalf of all of all us affected by marfan syndrome.

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14th September 2014 South Kilkenny Pony and Trap Drive

This was another wonderful drive. We were blessed with a beautiful sunny day. Billy Meaney and Mary Corcoran lead the way dressed in period costume. It was made all the more special as we dropped into Eoin Larcey’s on route where they were thrashing. It was nice to see all the old machinery in action. Eoin put on soup, sandwiches & tea for all the pony & trap participants, it was greatly appreciated. This year’s event raised €2,380. A huge thanks to Billy Meaney and his team. We appreciate the generous donations towards Marfan Research.

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September 2014 Cork City Mini Marathon

Shelia O’ Connell participated on behalf of Marfan Research raising €216. Shelia’s generosity is appreciated together with her generous sponsors.

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June 2014 Dublin City Women’s Mini Marathon

This was Michael and Geraldine McGrath participated again this year for the eleventh time raising €521 this year bringing the total amount raised to €11,790 to date.

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Ridley’s Great Baddow Charity Races May 2014

The constant and loyal supporter of Marfans Research Foundation – Sr Philomena Purcell participated again this year. This was Philomena’s tenth year, raising €12,336 to 2013. Total for 2014 is €1,997 bringing total to date to €14,333.

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16th to 23rd December, Bag Pack @ Super Value Morgan St Waterford

The usual reliable team of bag packers were on standby for our annual busy Christmas bag pack. Unbelievably, the amount raised was €8,621.

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6th December 2013 @ 8pm, Marfan Information Presentation in The Community Centre, Kilmacow

Guest speakers: Prof J Mark Redmond, Mr Gheta Radu and Dr Darran McLaughlin.

This presentation was very well presented and informative which was very well attended. Kieran McGrath introduced the speakers. He welcomed all present. He thanked the loyal bag packers and the generosity of all who donate so willingly.

The doctors gave an update on the promising and successful research progress. Research has progressed from mice to humans. The results are encouraging and offer great hope to all marfan sufferers. The doctors stressed to all present that all working on this research do so voluntarily. There was a lively question and answer session.

Prof Redmond was presented with a cheque for €30,000 which he gratefully accepted. He was deeply appreciative of the generosity of all who contributed and the dedication of the fundraisers. The evening finished with a welcome cuppa and chat.

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14th September 2013, Bishopsmountain Pony and Trap Drive

The Drive was an enormous success. We were blessed with wonderful weather, suitable for ponies and spectators. The Pony and Trap Drive raised a total of €2,771. A big thanks to Billy and his team.

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June 2013 Dublin City Women’s Mini Marathon

This was Michael and Geraldine’s tenth time participating on behalf of Marfan Research. They raised €784 this year, bringing the amount raised to date as €11,269. A huge thanks to all our generous sponsors.

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