19th February 2009, Marfan Syndrome Information Evening at Woodlands Hotel, Waterford

The information evening was very successful. Doctors John and Jonathan gave an interesting and informative presentation on Marfan Syndrome – how it manifests itself and an update on the current research in Ireland. Dr John Byrne told us how he represented Ireland at a medical conference in America which was attended by over 30,000 delegates from all over the world. He spoke about the progress of marfan research in Ireland. Dr John explained that Ireland punches well above its weight considering the size of our country and the resources available to us. Dr Darren Mc Laughlin has joined the research team in Ireland. Dr Darren spoke to people individually explaining the current research.

The doctors expressed their sincere appreciation for the funding they receive from The Marfans Research Foundation. They said the research results are promising and the future looks good for all marfan sufferers. A cheque for €30,000 was presented to the doctors for marfan syndrome research.

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